Monday, January 16, 2017

Behind the Curtain

I happened across some of the many recording sessions I've done with my kids for TESD Overkill today.  I also found a bunch of other recordings I had hoped were lost to the world but still manage to exists no matter how many times I delete them.  So I did what any responsible idiot would do, edited it together to entertain and disturb you.

There are a few who might be interested to hear some of the behind the scenes nonsense that took place while my youngsters recorded their creepy voices.  Here they are, before the FX chains and demon summoning.

And then you have my stuff, a few things I recorded for friends and whatnot, things that were apparently weirder and harder to do than I imagined when I agreed to do them.

So enjoy the insanity.

Edit - It should be noted that these are not in any order other than  how I found the clips, dropped them into my mixer and then edited them together.  Not chronological or by weight or anything.

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