Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Like Everyone Else

Remember today.  This is the day I literally became the last person on Earth to get into dubstep.  It was only a matter of time before I did something with it.  I've been avoiding it because it's so damn ubiquitous and in my own limited experimentation I've never been too impressed with my results.

Dreamed is a recent test sample I did as an example of down-tempo dubstep.  You'll get what that means when you hear it.  This is a very early version of the track so it's not completely polished but that probably goes without saying... it's the old "work in progress" shield from potential criticism, I suppose.  What can I say?  I gotta stick with what works for me.

Dub gets a little tricky with my setup, mostly because it kills the living crap out of my CPU.  Also because it just kills the living crap out of my CPU.  That aside I've also recently switched the way I wub which has been problematic.  Initially I was using automation maps to control the amount of wobble I was putting on instruments (I did this on the X-Gays Podcast intro) at any given time.  This can amount to hundreds of clicks of a mouse for a pattern that is only a few bars long and every little change you have to listen to and test before you can be sure of anything.  Massive pain in the ass.

But it was a fantastic learning experience that helped me realize just how frustrated I could get with a music project before I wanted to chuck my computer out the window.

I've since moved on to a much more practical process which takes much less time and I can hear the effects as I create them but this has its equal share of problems since my mouse is complete crap and doesn't always seem to believe what I'm even doing most of the time.  All this means is I need a new mouse and I can quit my bitching.  That or a midi controller with a nob I can link to my low frequency oscillator.  I really should get with the program and update my hardware... this USB abacus while hilarious isn't really doing anything to help me.

But I digress.

Dreamed is a very simple demo track and my first attempt at wobbling with my shit mouse.  Listen carefully and you'll hear when it sticks a few times.  The idea was to put it into something where one would least expect it, which is getting harder and harder to do, I think my moms church choir is doing dubstep...  But as it's a demo there is only a temp drum track and the levels aren't quite right and even though it doesn't do much, I kind of like how all the sounds come together.