Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Morning

A little something new I'm working on, still trying to nail down all the sounds, but I imagine it won't deviate too far from the instruments you hear in this version (two pianos and a cello) but this one has at least a little more in it before it's done. I'm thinking it will double or triple in length before all is said and done... not everything I do is under a minute. Apologies for the weak-ass stinger on the end, I found that it was slightly better then having nothing in it's place, but that particular bit is indeed temporary.

Thursday Morning by Remedial M-Theory

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow... more rain.

Rainy Sunday is a new ringtone-length track I put together this morning because I needed pick me up from all the gray outside. Thought I was going to get a lot of music done this week but here it is Sunday and I have nothing new. Except for this, that is... don't know if this counts or not.

Happy Fathers Day

RT - Rainy Sunday by Remedial M-Theory

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take THAT Snowball & Napoleon

Sat down at the computer tonight after getting the kids to bed with every intention of working up some new content for the site and I just looked up and realized it was past my bedtime and I hadn't done much more than Angry Birds... I hate those pigs. I like to play that game after reading Animal Farm, I get extra motivated... "Four legs good," my ass.

But in the interest of posting something new I offer a ringtone I made a couple of months ago. When I do ringtones I try to tailor them specifically to the person I make it for but this one wasn't because I didn't really make it for any one person in particular. Just something I did to fill time perhaps, I can't quite remember.

RT - m01 (ringtone) by Remedial M-Theory

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brought an Oboe to a Gun Fight

None of the music I write for myself has a deadline and I'm not one of those people who can fool themselves into thinking they have a deadline when they really don't. Whats the point? For the most part I'm under no pressure to get anything done at all. To counter this from time to time I enter a music competition just to put some heat on.

Every now and again I do get the pseudo-composer version of writers block and have found that if I enter a remix contest, the deadline gets me motivated. I get something done which comes with the obligatory sense of accomplishing something but as a byproduct, most of the time I get several ideas for projects of my own.

Sometimes I enter a contest because I have nothing else to do. Case in point, the Bleed Electric contest at Acid Planet. They offered the song Birds as High as Planes for remixing. The original was described as "An interesting track; think Electroclash meets Public Enemy via Kanye..." You get the idea. Bottom line, I didn't care for it. This was back in spring 2009 and I was way past auto tuned vocals besides all the other things I didn't really like about the track.

I wasn't going to enter but I started to listening to the other mixes and heard 20 different offerings that included sounds of breaking glass and sirens. The song is about a hold up gone bad, the cops are coming, they don't want to go to jail, blah blah blah. I got a little worked up because all those other mixes pissed me off.

I brought out my big guns for this wannabe gangsta sorta rap - xylophone, cello, orchestral strings, and of course... an oboe. O hell yes. Just to be as different from everyone else as I could. And I did it all because at the time I literally had nothing better to do.

Not that it matters. In the end, no one really cares but me. Of course I didn't win but I do like how it all turned out, and it gave me a ton of ideas. And for the record, no I don't like how everything I do turns out.

With nothing else to blah about this one, here's my Birds as High as Planes (Caged Mix) from June 2009.