Thursday, December 10, 2015

More podcast intros

It's been a busy couple of weeks. For TESD alone I've put out 8 new tracks since the October 24th (that's episode 264 for those playing at home). The new tracks feature some covers of both Strauss and Verdi, covers of a pair of classic Xmas carols, an original Xmas carol for a bit intro (featuring *vomit* my own vocal talents), Thanksgiving and Halloween inspired version of the Tell 'Em Steve-Dave theme, and a Hot Button Alert to be used in case of emergency on the live broadcast.  That one is my personal favorite. 

But I've also been busy on some other projects.  I edited together an intro for the guys at Always Bet on Geek over at Bad Boardie.  They got all your geek topics covered, and they're a couple of really good dudes to boot.  Speaking of Bad Boardie, I also made some original music for an intro for the BTiLC Podcast (Big Trouble in Little China) which is also on that network and hosted by my good friend Stephen from the Vundacast.