The Music

for Tell 'Em Steve-Dave
The music I've written for the TESD Podcast

The Argus (Main Theme) - One True Three (Original) - Booty Time - Overkill (Creeped Version) 
- Overkill (Xanexted Version) - Fat News - Heard Around the Walter Cooler - Hot Button Alert

J Sarge, If You're Listening is an album available at BandCamp with nearly all of this music and more

Intro for Other Current Podcasts

Skäggkastt! - Farmer and the Ale - Maxwell's House - That's Deep Bro - Vundacast - The Mile Mark - Cranial Dynamite - BTiLC

Intros for Podcasts no longer recorded

Big Comicas - TESD: Overkill - Puck Nuts - X-Gays (two gay men who love the X-Men)

Music for Films

TESD Puppet Theater (feature length) - original score (2013)
The Hunted (short) - original score (2012)

Music for Audiobooks

Tell 'Em Steve Dave Presents: A Small Fistful of Dollahs - feature length original score (2015)
TESD Fair-re-re tale Theater - intro and outro music (2013)


A Small Fistful of Dollahs: The Muthaflutterin' Soundtrack (2015) (with Bayliss, Nicolas, and Radz)
"J Sarge, if you're listening..."  (2014)
Evolution ain't no Theory  (2014)
Who Hates Milkshakes? (single) (2014)
The Ever Dream (single) (2014)
View from Hua  (2014)
It Is On  (2014)
Electronified Shizzmama  (2014)
The Night Terrors of W.S. Machrowski  (2013)

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